About Us


One man and one truck.

It all started with one man’s American dream, a hard-working attitude and a vision for the better future - for everyone! He ran a small business: delivering coal to Montana, fulfilling the needs of his customers, making prompt deliveries, despite the quality of the road of that time.

…MANY years later, the tradition continues…

Today, Strong Group is a family-owned company known as one of the fastest growing flatbed, dry van, refrigerated carriers in Indiana. Precisely these family values, in combination with respect and hard work, helped our company to achieve a stellar success. Operating for more than a decade, we have learned the value and importance of a quality service. Each and every delivery is made with utmost safety in mind, and you can count on us to provide reliable, efficient and timely services, thus raising the industry bar with every passing month.

Strong Group

Strong Group has built a STRONG relationship with each and every one of its drivers as they are the most important

part of our company, and we currently have more than 95% of our new drivers as walk-ins on recommendation.


We’ve also started a shop 3 years ago where top experts in truck and trailer mechanics are serving more than 50

trucking companies, including ours.

Integrity, promptness and commitment is what we stand for.

Give us a freight and WE WILL DELIVER!!!


We STRONGly believe that SAFETY comes first

the safety of our drivers and everyone and everything on the road, and we make sure all our equipment meets the highest quality standards.

The safety program for our drivers is tailored according to all the rules and regulations.


One of our safety programs includes sustainability.


Our solution-oriented thinking combined with the know-how and the necessary tools like our in-house repair shop enabled us to aid in reducing the carbon emission and help Mother Earth as much as we can, through:

  • Diesel engines
  • Fuel-efficient tires
  • Driver programs to maintain the steady and controlled speed
  • Aerodynamic truck and trailers (to reduce the fuel usage)
  • Energy-efficient truck lightning
  • Carb Certified

The fact that Safety and Sustainability are at the top of our priorities says a lot about STRONG GROUP.

In-house Repair Shop

Our in-house repair shop gives us the opportunity to work efficiently 24/7, as well as keep our fleet as good as new for years to come.


Lennard Johnsen LJ

Sales and Operations Director

Don Collins

Accounting specialist

George Walker

Safety clerk

Jessica Doyle

Safety Officer

Kathy Marino

Safety Clerk

Rosie Stevens

Career Specialist

Anna Brown

Dispatcher, Flatbed Division

Emma Louise


Daisy Lawrence

Administrative Clerk