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Dry Van Freight Rates – The Time is Now

dry van freight rates
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Dry Van freight rates have seen lows throughout the summer (Jun, July, August) of 2019, but they have started going up in the first week of September.

As a matter of fact, they are higher than the previous 3-month average. Right now they are at $2.38.

It could be just a temporal jump, however, because most of these rates went up due to the news of hurricane Dorian so shipment urgency made the rates go up accordingly.

According to the DAT.com volume of loads for Dry Van went up by 8.2%.

Even though there is an increase in load-to-van ratio (more loads than trucks), the yearly ratio is still lower than it was at this time last year.

This may, and in some cases already has, resulted in carriers reducing the pay for company drivers. Until now you were able to find a company driver job with Dry Van freight rates going around 40-50 cents per mile.

This is why drivers are usually shocked when they apply to work with us and find out that we offer 60 cents per mile for our Dry Van division.

Things that impact Dry Van freight rates the most are:

  • Demand for Dry Van transportation
  • Number of active Dry Van trucks looking for freight
  • Fuel prices

As of the first week of September, the fuel prices went down for 0.4% compared to August, and they will probably go down a bit more in the coming period.

Even though fuel prices are constantly going down lately, it’s still not a big enough drop to keep the Dry Van freight rates where they are.

You probably saw a couple of companies even closing down due to Dry Van freight rates going down.

Now, you’re probably thinking how can we offer 60 cents per mile (70 cpm for Flatbed), which is the best pay for company drivers at the moment, while other companies are lowering their rates or even closing down?

We strongly believe that we can attract the top professionals with higher pay, and exactly because of that we have an expert team of dispatchers and drivers who work together and get the best paying loads in the country!

This is how we can afford to pay the best rates in the US and still make a profit. If this still sounds too good to be true and you think you won’t get enough miles with that rate, we have great news!

Our average driver does over 3,000 miles per week!

That’s around $2,000 going towards drivers every week! ALL MILES ARE PAID, EMPTY AND LOADED!

We’re constantly in demand, and always on the lookout for new drivers, if you have a clean MVR and at least 2 years of experience, our recruiters would be glad to hear from you!

Click here to give them a call, have a chat, and you might just score the best paying driver position in the country!

We run 35 states, we don’t go to the west coast and New York City. Depending on your location home time may vary, but 3 weeks is a minimum we require for a driver to be on the road unless you’re close to us, then we might manage 2 weeks out. We’re located in Homewood, IL, south of Chicago, where you can expect your orientation to be. Orientation is only half a day and you will be dispatched the same day! No time wasted!

So contact us, and let’s get those loads!