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flatbed freight
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Truck drivers either love or hate Flatbed freight, mostly because of all the tarping that comes with it. A lot of drivers are drawn to Flatbeds for their higher rates compared to Dry Van and sometimes even Reefer loads. Usually, Flatbed freight requires a few months of training if you’ve

free load boards for flatbed
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Load boards are the window to the flatbed owner’s profit. Operating independently requires a tool to hunt and seal the deal on the most profitable loads out there. Most fresh independent O/O’s tend to use free load boards for flatbed before they decide which one to buy to give them

53' dry van dimensions
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An increase in Dry Van loads spiked the demand for Dry Van trailers. We are witnessing an increase of Dry Van loads over the Flatbed loads on the spot market and the owner operators in the industry are acting accordingly. As we received a number of calls and emails from