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53' dry van dimensions
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53’ Dry Van dimensions and specifications:Dry Van trailers can differ in dimensions, but the width is almost always the same. The standard dimensions of Dry Van are:53’ in length8’6’’ in width9’ in heightOne of the best and most trusted manufacturers of Dry Van trailers are Utility, Wabash, and Vanguard. Utility

dry van trailer
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Dry Van trailer rental is usually the first thing a fresh Owner Operator will do after getting his own truck. Trailers are not cheap by any means, and most owners won’t rush into buying their own trailer right from the start. What’s the best thing for you to do in

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Owner Operator VS Company Driver, who wins? What are the pros and cons of both of these and which career path should you take? We will dig into this subject to find out the details you need to conclude which way you should go. Should you be a company driver?