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trucker equipment
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Trucker equipment is one of the most important factors for a trucker looking for a job, right after the payment, and since truck drivers average salary is going up, the equipment is more in the focus at the moment. When we say “trucker equipment” we don’t only mean what kind

dry van freight rates
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Dry Van freight rates have seen lows throughout the summer (Jun, July, August) of 2019, but they have started going up in the first week of September. As a matter of fact, they are higher than the previous 3-month average. Right now they are at $2.38. It could be just

flatbed rates
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Flatbed rates are the reason why so many truck drivers want to transition from Dry Van to Flatbed. While Flatbed drivers claim that you need some time to get the proper training to drive Flatbed and get those Flatbed rates, many are rushing and trying to apply for Flatbed driver