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how to become owner operator

How to become owner operator?

How to become owner operator is one of the most is one of the most raised questions (or concerns) among the drivers who have more than one year of experience.

They heard that the status of an owner operator helps them make more money and they want to get those owner operator trucking jobs and own their own truck.

How to become owner operator and when is the best time?

Before starting the process of becoming an owner operator, one should ask himself is now the right time for them to do it.

The best candidates for owner operators are experienced drivers who are ready to operate on their own. Usually, they have around 3-5 years of experience.

These drivers already know how the industry works and are capable of being independent. But, this doesn’t have to be the case for all. Some drivers advance faster and some slower, if you think you got what it takes to become independent, then let nobody stop you!

What do you need to start?

First, you need to get a USDOT number and MC number.

Next, you need to get all the required insurances, you can check that here. Since you will be owning your own truck, you need to have your own ELD. Or if you want to be an owner operator and work with us, you will get our ELD, so you don’t have to worry about that.

Of course, you will need a starting capital to pay for all the expenses and the equipment you need. If you find yourself overwhelmed with everything but you have all the money required, then you could try and find the service to do everything for you.

Managing the expenses

As an owner operator you will have a lot more earning potential than a company driver. When you become one, the profit should be on your mind from day one.

But, however, to maximize profit, the expenses have to be minimized. Regulations, liabilities, maintenance, insurance, and fuel are just some of the expenses you will have to deal with.

Reducing the operating costs should be your focus when you become an owner operator. There are a couple of ways to reduce those costs. For example, you can reduce your fuel costs just by going a bit slower.

If you keep your speed around or below 65 MPH mark, you will increase your fuel efficiency by up to almost 30%! That’s not a small increase in efficiency!

Or go even further by contacting the company that can provide you with lowest fuel prices in the

US, and offer you fuel discounts.

How to get your own truck

The thing that a lot of drivers who are wondering how to become owner operator don’t think about too much is the financing for the equipment. You can’t blame them since today there are a lot of options to get the financing.

You will have 2 options: using your savings if you have enough to cover everything or bank financing.

Trucking equipment is not cheap by any means, and this is why most people get bank financing. Pick the bank carefully, take your time and find the best possible deal you can, the lower the interest rates the better.

Choosing a bank can be stressful, costly and time consuming so it might be a better option for

you to go through a financial advising company that will do all the work for you and connect you

straight away with the best bank.

Also, simple rule and useful advice: if your down payment is bigger, your monthly payments will be less. Balance the two according to your possibilities.

Calculating your success

The formula for your success is pretty simple.

Once you’ve calculated your expenses per mile, you will know just which load is a money maker and which one isn’t.

Once you subtract you expenses per mile from the revenue per mile you will get the number of your gross revenue.

Once you remove the taxes from gross revenue, you will get your net profit.


How to become owner operator? Well, now you know all the basics you need. When you become one, be sure to give us a call! We work with a lot of owner operators and together we make great money!

how many truck drivers in USA

How many truck drivers in USA are there?

As of October 2019, there are around 3.5 million truck drivers in the USA. This number, however, represents only the truck drivers, the total number of people employed in the trucking industry exceeds 8 million.

Are truck drivers still in demand?

Even though we witnessed a few companies shutting down, truck drivers are still in demand, and truckers of those companies will probably find new jobs very fast.

There’s still plenty of freight to haul, and even though the market doesn’t look that great when compared to last year, there’s still enough job demand for a trucker to earn his pay.

We’re highly in demand and we’re often looking for good drivers to meet the needs of our customers.

Apply here for the best rates (70 CPM & 60 CPM) and miles in the country!

Why are truck drivers in the USA important?

Trucking drives the economy and the economy drives trucking. It’s an inseparable bond. Truckers are also the first to signal the general state of the economy. If consumer confidence is high, so will be the demand for transportation of the goods they’re buying.

Truck drivers are one of the best examples of the American dream. One of the most frequent routes to business ownership is owning and operating a truck or a small fleet.

Over 90% of carriers operate with 6 or fewer trucks, meaning that the trucking industry is made up of small business owners.

Is trucking a good carrier choice?

When compared to average household income, truck drivers in the USA still make a good living. Truck drivers average salary is still bigger than the average middle-class worker.

But, overall, is it a good carrier choice?

For those who want to earn decent money fast with minimum entry requirements, absolutely. The main problem the truck drivers have is not getting enough miles or getting low rates for the miles they get.

You can often see companies offer a decent CPM, but when the driver starts working with them, he gets around 2500 miles per week, which results in not so great earnings.

It’s important to do the math before applying for a driver position with a carrier. High rates, high miles is the best formula for great earnings!

Our drivers average around 3000+ miles per week with 60 or 70 CPM, based on the division.

What does the future hold?

With recent innovations in the industry in the form of self-driving trucks and volatility of the market, there’s a debate among truck drivers in the USA what will happen in the near future.

Self-driving trucks are a reality, but also the reality is that they won’t be able to automate everything a trucker does on a daily basis.

In Conclusion

Truck drivers in USA are still making good money on average. Some better, some worse, depending on their company and the lanes they run.

OTR is still the way to go if you aim for the highest earnings possible, while regional and local have significantly lower rates.