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Dry Van trailer rental – What is your best move?

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Dry Van trailer rental is usually the first thing a fresh Owner Operator will do after getting his own truck. Trailers are not cheap by any means, and most owners won’t rush into buying their own trailer right from the start.

What’s the best thing for you to do in today’s market? We will try to help you decide right now!

Should you get into Dry Van trailer rental or purchase?

The answer lies in the simple question: can you afford a new trailer, or a used one at least? If you’re on a tight budget, then dry van trailer rental is probably the best way to go, until you save some money to buy one.

There’s a couple of good points of why it’s better to rent than to buy. One of them being the long term investment problems.

If you buy a used trailer, it might be refurbished, and initially, you might not even know what exactly. You can’t know exactly how many times it broke down and how many days it was sitting in the repair shop.

You can’t predict how many times it will break down and how much money will you waste on repairs.

The only time when purchasing a trailer is better than trailer rental is when you buy a new one. Most of the companies (including us) will offer you brand new trailers for rent.

All of our Dry Van trailers for rent come with insurance. Sure, you can get insurance when you buy a used trailer, but you will waste a lot of time waiting for it to get repaired or getting a substitute one (most insurances don’t offer substitute trailers).

If any of our trailers you rented brakes down (very unlikely), you will get another trailer to replace the broken down in a heartbeat!

How much does a trailer rental cost?

It depends, every company has its own pricing.

We offer Wabash and Vanguard Dry Van trailers for rental, for $250,00 per week. We guarantee you a trailer that you will be completely satisfied with.

At a total of $1,000.00 per month of the rental fee, you won’t have to worry about wasting time or breaking the bank for a refurbished used trailer.

How long does it take for you to get one?

Dry Van trailer rental process is fairly short. Sometimes it only takes a single day to get a rental program started and a brand new Dry Van trailer to arrive.

It depends on the number of currently available trailers for rental in-house and the demand at the supplier.

We do our best to provide you with a trailer ASAP, and we start the process immediately once you get in touch with us!


Dry Van trailer rental doesn’t have to be a complicated, expensive and lengthy process if you have the right team with you!

If the time is still not right for you to buy one, rental is a great start to keep hauling loads without worries for the downtime or the load you’re hauling.