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Top 5 Truck Stops in the US

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After a long time on the road, every truck driver needs a place to stop, rest and recuperate. Truck stops are great places for drivers to rest and relax.

There are plenty of truck stops across the US, and we will show you some of the best!

The best truck stops in the US:

1. Little America Truck Stop – Little America, Wyoming

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Little America is a great place for truckers and other visitors. The facility includes a fuel center with a repair shop and a mechanic, private showers, a hotel, and a convenience store.

It’s a welcoming place where you can stop, relax, refresh yourself and grab something to eat. Even if you have any minor mechanical issues with your vehicle, you can get them fixed by a mechanic.

They’re open 24/7 and you will love their driver’s lounge with a big TV. There’s also a laundry facility, so you and your truck can get a complete restart and be ready to move out on the road feeling relaxed and fresh.

2. North Forty Truck Stop- Holladay, Tennessee

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The North Forty Truck Stop is one of the best ones around and it seems so simple outside. But don’t let the looks fool you.

It has overnight parking, a restaurant, free Wi-Fi, showers, massage practitioners and even a barber!

They are open 24/7 and they offer great service!

The restaurant is great, it has a variety of meats and salads. You can get a complete lunch for just under $10!

If you want to entertain yourself a bit, this truck stop has got you covered! They have plenty of books, CD’s and DVD’s for you to choose from.

3. Speedway Truck Stop – Disputanta, Virginia

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Speedway is one of the biggest chains of gas stations and truck stops in the US. Their truck stop in Disputanta has huge parking for over 100 trucks!

It has a trucker’s lounge and a restaurant. The quality of service is top-notch, even though it’s not one of the most complete ones out there.

They do have a loyalty program, so if you decide to join, you will get a card to use for various discounts all across America.

4. Whiskey Pete’s Truck Stop – Primm, Nevada

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Even though from the outside you wouldn’t exactly guess it’s a truck stop, but it has a place for truckers to rest and recharge.

The facility has a 24/7 restaurant, a gas station, and a business center. On top of that, it has several casinos, outlet stores, and hotels.

You should find everything you need to get a refresh and some rest, although you shouldn’t expect the prices of other places that are primarily truck stops.

Whiskey Pete’s is more exclusive than that and it focuses on the casino. Now that being said, be careful not to get too loose on the gambling machines!

5. South of the Border Truck Stop – Hamer, South Carolina

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South of the Border started as a highway truck stop, but grow into an attraction. What makes it unique is its big sombrero watchtower, a golf course, and a wedding chapel.

They are open 24/7 and you might even get there in the middle of a ceremony since they have a convention center as well.

You feel hungry? Great! You can choose from 6 restaurants and their diverse menus. There are so many different courses you will need some time to choose the right restaurant!

Before you go, you can stock up on everything you need in the shops you can find inside of the facility.

In Conclusion

That concludes our collection of the best truck stops you can stay at. Check them out when you feel you need a well-deserved break and a good place to leave your hard-earned money at.

Since the truck drivers average salary is going up, maybe you can visit even some more luxurious places.

If you’re drawn to these destinations and are an experienced truck driver, contact us and we might work together!