Truck Drivers Average Salary for 2019

trucker salary

Truck drivers average salary as of July 2019 is $45,150‬. Salaries go as high as $71,358‬ and as low as $28,000, the majority of truck drivers average salaries are somewhere between $36,000 and $60,000 in the US. The research is done with 1,657,527 employed drivers, according to and many other agencies.  

On what does truck drivers average salary depend?

Here are the things that have the greatest impact on your salary:

  • Your skill level
  • Years of OTR experience
  • The type of employment contract
  • Company’s financial policies
  • The type of truck you drive
  • The mileage you cover

If you’re a skilled driver with at least 2 years of experience you can easily find yourself significantly above the truck drivers average salary. If you’re an indenpendent contractor (1099) you will end up with more money than company drivers (W2). Companies usually pay different rates depending on the type of truck you are driving (reefer, dry van, flatbed, etc…) The biggest impact on the salary has the company itself and how much are they prepared to pay you.

How do We Compare?

Now that we know what are the industry’s standards and what truck drivers average salary is, let’s see how does Strong Group compare. We compared our rates to our competitors. We calculated truck driver salaries based on 42 working weeks and 3400 miles per week driven. truck drivers average salary truck drivers average salary 


Our goal is to offer the best possible working conditions, salary and equipment-wise. We aim to stay at the top of the competition so you don’t have to think twice when considering your options! We know that the biggest motivation is salary, so we try to stay on top of other competitors and attract the drivers with our great work conditions! Truck drivers average salary for us is just a reference number that we have to surpass.


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