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Truck Drivers Shortage – A Booming Industry!

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Truck drivers shortage is something the trucking industry is dealing with quite some time now.

By now we’re already used to the praises of the growth of the trucking industry.

We’re still dealing with one of the biggest problems in the business so far – truck drivers shortage.

What do truck drivers shortages mean for you?

When a service is in deficit, it means that the market demand for said service is high.

To put it simply, it means that there’s more work than the people who are needed to do that work.

This is great news for all truck drivers and the economy overall, but kind of bad for the trucking companies.


Because they cannot make money without you, the truck drivers.

Since there aren’t enough people to do that work, they have to do everything it takes.

They need to hire the number of drivers they need for their business to operate and make money.

That means truck drivers are going to get better working conditions as companies compete to attract all the drivers they can.

Because in every moment the US market needs 60,000 truck drivers more than it has on its disposal.

The earnings for truck drivers constantly go up as companies compete to provide them a better deal.

Take us for example.

We offer OTR drivers 60cpm for Dry Van and 70cpm for Flatbed, and those rates are industry’s highest!

That way you get good pay, and we don’t have empty trucks, a win-win situation for everybody!

How will the situation change in the future?

From the information that we have, for now, this is the best time to start getting into trucking.

Truck drivers average salary is going up.

The industry is estimated to continue growing exponentially.

The truck drivers shortage will also continue to grow if the demand isn’t met in time.

Bob Costello, the chief economist at ATA, says that the truck drivers shortage may go up to 160,000 by 2028.

The estimation is made on the simple difference of the new drivers that are getting into industry and the older ones retiring, with the expansion of the industry taken into account.

Those are truly great news for the truckers of today.

The longer the truck drivers shortage lasts, the better the working conditions for truckers will be.

And you can be sure that we will have the best offer and the best equipment to give to you at any time.

What steps are being taken to tackle the issue of truck drivers shortage?

The ATA advocates for a pay increase, more home time, and lowering the required driver’s age to 18 to battle the shortage.

Autonomus trucks are also the subject of the debate since so far there is no way to satisfy the market demand completely.

Which at first, seemed like a good idea, autonomous trucking still has a lot of obstacles to overcome to be usable.

Some experts even claim that autonomous cars might be the future, but that is hardly the case for the trucks.

Judging by the ATA report, the surging freight economy and lack of truck drivers could disrupt the supply chain entirely.

The industry will require around 1.1 million truck drivers to meet the demand in the next decade.

So far the biggest challenge for the industry is to attract the younger drivers.

There are many more drivers retiring than the ones that are just starting to drive OTR.

The industry needs to remove the barriers for new drivers, make it less difficult for veterans, increase pay and decrease wait times.

The burdens and expenses on CDL applicants have to be reduced to make the process easier and more attractive to potential new drivers.

The companies are using all of their efforts to help the drivers as much as they can, and Strong Group is one of them.

We can help you lease a truck, and become an owner operator, so you can ear even more money later on!

We also hire drivers who already are owner operators, and we have a special offer for them.

Go and check what we have for you!

The problem with the drivers

The expansion of the industry is not the only problem that’s causing the truck drivers shortage.

The shortage of truck drivers overall is not that much of the problem as it’s the shortage of good truck drivers.

Usually, good truck drivers are the old school ones.

Times change so does generations.

Many newer truck drivers are not prepared to push a lot of miles, which is highly valuable in the industry, and they want to be home often.

All of this is ridiculous for the old school drivers.

A truck driver used to be a synonym for hard-working people who live on the road to provide for their families.

There was no freight or mileage they couldn’t pull of.

They are true professionals who made people treat them with respect for the work they do.

Because everybody knows that without truck drivers, those items wouldn’t be on the shelves of those shops.

They make America move, and the more they’re on the road, the more the country thrives.

Those kinds of drivers are slowly retiring, and there aren’t enough new ones that treat the job and themselves as the veterans did.

Hopefully, the newer generations of truck drivers will be stimulated by the opportunity to earn plenty of money, and that will make them true professionals in their job.

The takeaway

The following period due to the truck drivers shortage will be the best time for truck drivers, maybe ever.

With stimulation coming from everywhere, potential newcomers should recognize this and join one of the greatest and crucial industries in the US.

What is certain, is that we have everything to thank for our experienced drivers who truly make it possible for this industry to thrive.

So we will use this opportunity to praise our drivers at Strong Group because they are the industries finest, and we are glad to have them as a part of our long hauling family.