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Trucker Equipment

trucker equipment
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Trucker equipment is one of the most important factors for a trucker looking for a job, right after the payment, and since truck drivers average salary is going up, the equipment is more in the focus at the moment.

When we say “trucker equipment” we don’t only mean what kind of trucks and trailers does the company offer, but also in-cab accessories that we know truckers appreciate deeply.

Trucker equipment you can expect with Strong Group

Trucker safety and wellbeing is our priority, so we pay special attention when purchasing when purchasing our trucks and trailers.

We choose only the safest and top quality trucks and trailers. Currently, we aim to refresh our fleet every quarter of the year as much as we can, that’s why we already bought the newest 2020 Volvos for our best drivers!

Our fleet consists of Volvos 670, 760 and 860, Peterbilts 579, Freightliners Cascadia, and Internationals Lonestar and Prostar all 2014-2020. Currently, we’re on a mission for our fleet to consist mostly of brand new trucks.

trucker equipment

Most of our trucks are Volvos because they are one of the most reliable and quality built trucks in the market. From the experience we had so far, Volvo trucks have proven to be one of the best ones out there, and they will remain our 1st choice until some other brand steps up their game.

trucker equipment


Of course, we had to include Peterbilt in our fleet. Peterbilt is one of America’s most trusty brands that is loved by many drivers. If Peterbilt is your truck of choice, you will have the opportunity to get one when you start working with us.

Best accessories for your truck

All of our trucks come standard with a 2000W inverter and a fridge. Some of the trucks have a TV and a microwave. What’s convenient for our drivers is that they can buy whatever accessory they need and we reimburse 50% of the price!

This means you can virtually buy anything and upgrade your cab space and you will only pay half the price!

Any of the best and most useful accessories can be yours, all you need to ask.

Some of the accessories our drivers usually pick are:

  • Digital TV/DVD Combo 13.3 inch Flat Panels
  • Microwaves
  • 32″ Televisions
  • PlayStations
  • XBoxes
  • Air fresheners
  • WiFi Hot-Stop devices

This is not a list from which you can pick the accessory of your choosing, you can buy whatever you think will make your driving more enjoyable! We’re here to make all of our drivers enjoy their driving experience, a happy driver makes a happy company!

As you can tell, we’re serious about trucker equipment, if so are you, and you’re looking for a truck driving position, give us a call or apply here.